Finally blogging

December 7, 2020 to now… long it has taken me to be ready to write about the loss of my son. I know he isn’t really “lost”, but it can feel that way at times. Trust me he lets me know he isn’t really lost. I get signs that he is with me. Beautiful and unexpected signs that he hasn’t left me. Yet, it isn’t really enough. Chase definitely had a major part in the Chase Huechtker Foundation coming to fruition. It has been a learning process for sure. It has also been a huge part of my healing process. This blog will have stories about signs, memories and stories about Chase and our family, and Chase Huechtker Foundation, Chasing the Wake, happenings. I am new to this and I hope I can reach people that need to hear that you can survive the unbearable pain of losing a child. I also want to reach out to people suffering with an addiction or people with a loved one struggling with an addiction. Chase fought an Opioid addiction for 3 1/2 years. We fought right along with him. Fentanyl took away his chance at recovery. Fentanyl is taking away so many people. The foundation was started to educate others and take away the stigma and shame associated with addiction. Thank you Chase for pushing me to do something about the epidemic that is taking so many lives. I know you are so proud of what we are accomplishing. Thank you to everyone for supporting us and our mission. Until next time….Never Give Up!