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Finally blogging

December 7, 2020 to now… long it has taken me to be ready to write about the loss of my son. I know he isn’t really “lost”, but it can feel that way at times. Trust me he lets me know he isn’t really lost. I get signs that he is with me. Beautiful and unexpected signs that he hasn’t left me. Yet, it isn’t really enough. Chase definitely had a major part in the Chase Huechtker Foundation coming to fruition. It has been a learning process for sure. It has also been a huge part of my healing process. This blog will have stories about signs, memories and stories about Chase and our family, and Chase Huechtker Foundation, Chasing the Wake, happenings. I am new to this and I hope I can reach people that need to hear that you can survive the unbearable pain of losing a child. I also want to reach out to people suffering with an addiction or people with a loved one struggling with an addiction. Chase fought an Opioid addiction for 3 1/2 years. We fought right along with him. Fentanyl took